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Natural Wonders depicts a child sitting atop a tortoise while sitting alongside a hare.

What is Sculpturewalk?

Sculpturewalk is an outdoor exhibit of original sculptures by local and international artists, located on a pleasant walking tour in downtown Castlegar. Now in its 13th anniversary year, our 2023 program brings 32 sculptures to the city. Viewers are encouraged to vote for their favourite sculpture via ballot, and the winner of The People’s Choice Award is purchased for permanent display in the City. Offering $25,000 in prize money annually, Sculpturewalk attracts world-class sculptural talent to our program.

In our sixth year, we were awarded the trademark of The Sculpture Capital of Canada™! Come take the Sculpturewalk, and enjoy the view!

Sculpturewalk is expanding regionally! See the following sculptures from Sculpturewalk now featured in Castlegar, Kaslo, NakuspPenticton, Creston, Rossland and Nelson, BC.

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