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2024 Full Sales & Lease Catalog

Has one of the downtown sculptures caught your eye?

Now is the perfect time to give the gift of art!


Sculpture sales and leases are an important part of Sculpturewalk, as not only do they directly support artists and the program, they also increase public art in the city.


Purchase prices start at $1,500, with monthly leases starting at only $120/month. Sculpture purchases can be made on a long-term, payment plan basis, and lease fees can be put towards an eventual purchase. 65% of the lease and sale prices go directly to the artists, supporting their livelihood and enabling their ongoing participation in our program, with the remaining 35% going towards Sculpturewalk’s ongoing operating expenses.

Join us in creating a vital, vibrant downtown filled with art and art appreciators. Together, we’re making a difference to the community and the region, one sculpture at a time.


For more information, contact us at

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