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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Liquid Embrace

Year: 2024
Medium: Mild steel and paint
Price: $30,000
Dimensions: 7' x 3' x 3'


Kate Tupper

Nakusp, BC

Sun beams and water encase foliage, melding into a tranquil, psychedelic dreamscape.


Nakusp-born and based sculpture artist Kate Tupper spent years working in trades and heavy construction after graduating from the 'C' level welding program in 2004. This work informs her artistic practice, as does a lifelong love of craft, nature, and ecology fostered by growing up beside forest and orchards, on the beach and in the garden. Kate spends her summers as lead to the Shambhala Music Festival site's art team, designing, facilitating, and mentoring large-scale multi-media installations.

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