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Kootenay Life Obelisk


Year: 2024
Medium: Recycled steel and car parts
Price: $3,500
Dimensions: 8' x 15' x 20'


Ron Simmer

Burnaby, BC

Gigaspider is a whimsical commentary on our fear of spiders. Most spiders are benign and environmentally important creatures. I created a fun spider incorporating solar powered red eyeballs from recycled objects, inspired by Louise Bourgeois,


Burnaby artist Ron Simmer works with found materials, searching for discards that speak to him with the promise of creations to amaze, tickle, surprise or give pause to think. His inspiration comes from his background -- commercial fisherman, steel fabricator, construction worker, boat builder - and his contact with nature through kayaking, sailing, skiing and hiking. An Emeritus Librarian (UBC), Ron operates a professional patent search service on top of his thriving artistic career.

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