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Kootenay Life Obelisk

The Raven's Message

Year: 2023
Medium: Bronze & chlorite
Price: $18,000
Dimensions: 4' 18" 3'


Denis Kleine

Nelson, BC

The Raven is considered magical and mysterious, a cleanser of both land and mind. The Raven has dropped a feather, a message to us to take heed and to look for answers from the clues we see and feel.

A master of many mediums, from bronze and marble to snow, ice and sand, artist Denis Kleine is a BFA graduate of David Thomson University in Nelson. His years of instruction at Kootenay Studio Arts have left a legacy on the many students who have learned from his talent and experience.

A beautiful pairing of chlorite and bronze, The Raven’s Message depicts the magical and mysterious creature, a cleanser of both land and mind. The feather the raven has dropped is a message to humanity to take heed and to look for the answers that the raven has given clues to.

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