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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Smilodon Fatalis

Year: 2023
Medium: Bronze
Price: $12,000
Dimensions: 30" 7.5" 13.5"


Sandra Berube

North Vancouver, BC

This skull was molded from a life-size fossil replica. Also known as the Saber Tooth Tiger, this fierce prehistoric predator had impressive canines. Its jaw opened up 120°, almost twice as big as a lion's.

Vancouver-based Canadian sculpture and installation artist Sandra Bérubé was born in Quebec. A recent honours graduate in the Sculptural Metal Art program at Kootenay Studio Arts, she previously worked in the circus industry. When serious injuries ended her circus career, she craved new ways to trigger emotions through art, specifically large-scale interactive pieces and public art for their potential to tell a story to many people simultaneously.

Smilodon Fatalis is moulded from a life-size fossil replica of a saber tooth tiger. This fierce prehistoric predator had impressive canines – its jaw opened up 120°, almost twice as big as a lion’s!

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