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Kootenay Life Obelisk


Year: 2023
Medium: Hand-forged 3" galvanized steel pipe
Price: $4,000
Dimensions: 60" 72" 9"


Paul Reimer

Cranbrook, BC

Ride is movement and energy. It represents a new urban vitality and celebrates residents’ healthy choices that improve their lives, their community and their environment.

Born in Calgary and raised in Crawford Bay, Cranbrook artist Paul Reimer grew up surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Kootenay region, which instilled in him a love of nature that inspires his art. At age 15, he began his blacksmithing apprenticeship at the Kootenay Forge, moving on to become head blacksmith at Fort Steele Heritage Town at age 20, then at 26 started his own blacksmithing business.

Ride, masterfully made from hand-forged galvanized steel pipe, represents movement and energy - a new urban vitality which celebrates how residents’ healthy choices improve their lives, community and environment.

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