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Kootenay Life Obelisk


Year: 2023
Medium: Bronze
Price: $55,000
Dimensions: 44" 85" 46"


Nathan Scott

Knutsford, BC

I love sculpting people and catching them in the moment. This one’s about seasoned relationships, having history and depth together. I talk to my wife a lot and it’s always sprinkled with laughs and a smile.

Nathan started his sculpting career upon returning to Victoria in 1998 from a 10-year stint as a Yukon gold miner. Within six months he was awarded his first public commission by the township of Sidney on Vancouver Island. Since then, he’s completed over 35 public commissions throughout North America. In 2009, Nathan opened his own bronze foundry. He lives on a ranch in Knutsford, BC along with his wife, five growing children, and a variety of farm animals.

Reminiscing, which beautifully portrays a relationship rooted in history and depth, fulfills Nathan’s love of sculpting people and catching them in the moment.

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