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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Mountain King

Year: 2023
Medium: Stone
Price: $7,000
Dimensions: 23" 12" 13"


Niels Elris & Jade Ehrler

Crawford Bay, BC

Ogier The Dane sleeping, turned to stone with his long beard waiting until the day when he is once again needed to rise up to save Denmark from a great threat.

Partners in both life and art, Crawford Bay artists Jade and Niels both come from a rich heritage of artists. Their pieces are carved from the unique stone found throughout the area; their carving style showcases the beauty of nature and the skill put into each piece.

The Mountain King is a sculpture of Ogier The Dane, sleeping until the day he is once again needed to rise up and save Denmark from threat. The largest Danish resistance group in WWII, Holger Danske, was named after the legend. This piece is Inspired by Niels's grandfather who was part of the Danish resistance.

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