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Kootenay Life Obelisk


Year: 2023
Medium: Bronze & steel
Price: $14,500
Dimensions: 32" 9" 9"


Ken Meyer

Duncan, BC

The Vancouver Island Marmot is Canada’s most endangered mammal. Thanks to dedicated conservation efforts they are starting to make a comeback, but still desperately need our help. Learn what you can do at

Ken, a professional sculptor on Vancouver Island, holds a BFA from the University of Arizona. He is drawn to portraying the animal form - its infinite intricacies and purely functional structure as the pinnacle of balanced design. By focusing on endangered species, he gives a voice to those creatures being left behind. The medium of bronze allows him to explore a single moment of time, with a durability that invites and encourages human touch.

Lookout deftly portrays the Vancouver Island marmot, Canada’s most endangered mammal. Conservations efforts are fostering a comeback, but help is needed (check out for info).

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