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Kootenay Life Obelisk


Year: 2022
Medium: Wood and stone
Price: $ 15,000
Dimensions: 180cm x 65cm x 130cm


Lars Baggenstos

Rossland, BC

Findling, the German word for an erratic boulder. A giant grown of wooden fibre carrying a Findling buried in himself. Until he is no more. Only the rock remains, a tombstone until the end of time.

Born in Germany and raised in Switzerland, Lars Baggenstos graduated from the Zurich University of Fine Arts. His love for the great outdoors brought him to Rossland in 2015, where he lives with his Canadian wife and dog. When he’s not at his drawing table, he’s swinging a chainsaw, paddling turbulent white-water, or tracking down animals in the backcountry.
Findling (the German word for an erratic boulder) skillfully portrays a giant, grown of wooden fibre, carrying a findling which is buried in himself. The findling consumes him until only it remains, a tombstone until the end of time.

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