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Kootenay Life Obelisk

The Artist


Year: 2021
Medium: stone
Price: $4,500
Dimensions: 1.916' x 1.125' x 1.125'

Jade Ehrler & Niels Elris

Kootenay Bay, BC

Partners in both life and art, Crawford Bay artists Jade Ehrler and Niels Elris have been creating their evocative stone sculptures together for five years – a passion that continues to grow along with their compelling body of work. The couple both hail from artistic family backgrounds, and it’s readily apparent they align creatively as well.
The Artist, beautifully rendered from local stone, is a facial representation of how artists are given the gift and the burden to share their innermost being with the world. Both loved and judged, it is both a challenge and an immense blessing.

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