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Kootenay Life Obelisk

I Live Because Everything Else Does


Year: 2021
Medium: mild steel, powder coated
Price: $20,750
Dimensions: 30" x 8' x 4'

Kyle Thornley

Revelstoke, BC

Revelstoke artist Kyle Thornley’s designs balance physical spaces with cultural qualities to create a strong sense of pride, well-being and belonging. His work is deeply rooted in people and their heritage, framed with hope for an inspiring future and with the goal of forging meaning between citizens and their spaces.
I Live Because Everything Else Does pays homage to our interdependence with the natural world, inviting people to stop, sit and reflect on our role in the reciprocity of a collective, healthy life. Inspiring thought, commitment and inspiration towards a sustainable future, the work fundamentally connects the viewer to landscape.
*Assisted by Jack Sutter

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