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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Choosing Hope


Year: 2021
Medium: copper, stainless steel
Price: NFS
Dimensions: 8'+4' plinth x 4' x 4'

Kyle Thornley

Revelstoke, BC

Kyle Thornley, an artist blacksmith from Revelstoke, has been creating art with metals through architectural metalwork, commissions, exhibitions and public art for over 15 years. He’s compelled by the practice of blacksmithing - the technical and physical demands, the artistic and utilitarian impact, the link to deep, historical roots, and the integrity of the media itself.
Choosing Hope is all about perspective and hope. Is it a wish, or weed? May you choose hope and make a wish that lands gently. The ironic suppleness and delicacy of the metal are matched by its strength and durability, providing robust, lasting beauty.
*Assisted by Jack Sutter and Katie Langmuir

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