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Kootenay Life Obelisk


Year: 2020
Medium: mild steel, glass, acrylic paint
Price: $10,000
Dimensions: 8" x 32" x 72"


Kena and Lawrence Cormier

Penticton, BC

The couple, both talented artists, have teamed up for this year’s entry. In doing so, Kena’s eye for colour has added new elements to Lawrence’s always imaginative metalwork. Their free-flowing sculpture is wispy, breezy, and whimsical, exemplifying the heady mood of the groovy event it celebrates. Beautifully executed the colourful glass of the kite & sign, the painted metal tails and the delicate gracefulness of the steel figure create a rhapsodic unity in a nod to Woodstock 69.

All their art is on display at their home gallery & sculpture garden in Penticton.

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