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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Steppin' Out

Year: 2020
Medium: cedar, concrete, steel
Price: $30,000
Dimensions: 31" x 17" x 12"


Spring Shine and Christopher Petersen and Yvonne Boyd

Argenta, BC

The talented trio from Argenta, 2018’s People’s Choice Award winners with “The Keeper”, return this year with another monumental, magical sculpture bound to amaze.

Steppin’ Out displays their talents on a grand scale, with more than a touch of the mystical. Three Dryads (tree spirits) are shown in various stages of revelation. The towering concrete figures emerge from cedar trunks set in steel (rebar) stumps, topped with rusted metal crowns. The artists fuse these various mediums flawlessly, their creativity always a source of wonder and delight.

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