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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Looking Forward Looking Back

Year: 2020
Medium: marble
Price: $63,000
Dimensions: 8 x 4 x 4 ft


John McKinnon

Nelson, BC

A master sculptor and artist who has honed his talent over 40 years, Nelson’s John McKinnon is comfortable in many mediums: snow, sand, serpentine, bronze, limestone, marble and steel. This year he displays an intimate marble work.

The aptly titled Looking Forward, Looking Back is a composition of his mother and his then-youthful son. She sits on a bench, head turned, musing. He stands in front, leaning angled into his grandmother and looking the other way. Their entwined hands, the heart of the work, epitomize the familial bonds and love they share, even given their divergent thoughts.

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