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Kootenay Life Obelisk


Year: 2020
Medium: cast cement, steel, pewter
Price: $12,500
Dimensions: 66" x 18" x 16"


David Hunwick

Victoria, BC

From his studio in James Bay – the former home of renowned B.C. sculptor and Limner collective co-founder Elza Mayhew – David Hunwick continues to produce evocative sculpture, as he’s done for over 35 years. Recently re-elected President of the Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild, his skilled work has earned him high regard.

Hunwick’s Janus features the stylized torso and head of a Goddess, his own take on the Roman God. Vertically accentuated, the narrow, limbless figure is serene in demeanour – conveying mystery and radiant beauty both, an intriguing study of the feminine form. The obvious two-faced image can be seen as a metaphor for double standards and how some present alternative ‘truths’.

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