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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Discovering Our Wild World

Year: 2020
Medium: bronze
Price: $40,000
Dimensions: 6' x 29" x 32"


John Bonnett Wexo Foundation

Lopez Island, WA

The late John Wexo (1939-2010) was globally recognized, and lauded, for his instructive educational series (Zoobooks, translated into dozens of languages worldwide) on the natural world we inhabit and the animals we share it with. His indefatigable energy to educate and inspire the upcoming generation about the wonders of the natural world was a lifelong passion.

This monumental bronze sculpture magnificently depicts animal life in its myriad forms, linking together evolutionary patterns and the variety and diversity of the animal kingdom. Embedded images of the world accentuate our commonality and the need to share and teach, honouring Wexo’s raison d’être.

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