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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Cruising Along

Year: 2020
Medium: steel
Price: $8,500
Dimensions: 87" x 32" x 27"



Winlaw, BC

2019’s People’s Choice Award recipient, this Netherlands-born sculptor just doesn’t slow down. Artistically self-taught, Rabi’a learned to weld a number of years ago and continues to create in her current passion – metal. Her intriguing, recognizable sculptures are on display regionally and internationally.

Cruising Along is a fun mobile self-portrait. Using scrounged and found materials, she has fashioned the artist taking a relaxing bike ride. The semi-abstract work features two metal hoops as wheels, and herself atop a crazily angled seat, freewheeling alongside some of her stylized houses, one hand clutching a bouquet of flowers – a nod to her Dutch heritage.

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