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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Twisted Melody

Year: 2019
Medium: mild steel
Price: $ 2,940
Dimensions: 1'8" x 3" x 5'2"


Alex Mendez

Decatur, IN

Alex Mendez is a working musician so it’s only natural that his semi-abstract sculpture on display here is a guitar.

Hailing from Decatur, Indiana, he says, “My musical background has influenced my journey into metal sculpture. I’m drawn to abstract forms, as I believe it visualizes best what a musician might portray within the sculpting medium.”

Mendez apprenticed for nearly four years under his brother Greg, an accomplished sculptor out of nearby Fort Wayne and one of the founders of the Decatur Sculpture Tour. Over that time, he learned all aspects of sculpting – concept, design, creation and installation – and has now created a number of his own intriguing pieces.

“Obviously, it’s great to learn from and work with your older brother,” he says. “Greg has patiently brought me along to the point where I’m comfortable enough in metal to allow my creativity to express itself. It’s extremely satisfying to combine both of my artistic pursuits. Hopefully, I’ll continue to improve progressively in each of them.”

Twisted Melody is a fitting title for his lovely work here. His guitar stands on end, neck reaching skyward. The head and pick guard are solid – rimmed in white – the pickups represented by cutouts within the latter. The neck and frets are varied squares of contrasting mild steel while the body of the guitar is a flowing stylized mass of steel strands. They harmonize collectively to capture the classic shape of an electric Fender or Gibson.

To date, Mendez has displayed his sculptures at several state sculpture exhibitions, and has permanent pieces located across the United States – from Decatur and Fort Wayne in Indiana to Macon, Georgia and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Skillfully executed, Mendez’s initial offering at Castlegar Sculpturewalk joyfully celebrates his twin artistic passions with flair and imagination. Twisted Melody captures his instrument of choice in lovingly crafted, mild steel semi-abstraction.

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