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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Saturn Bench

Year: 2019
Medium: aluminum
Price: $ 15,000
Dimensions: 45" x 76" x 76"


Andy Davies

Lethbridge, AB

Lethbridge artist Andy Davies has always been something of a visionary. With his current piece, he imagines and projects the known but distant and unattainable – the depths of outer space. It is another spherical marvel not unlike his work on display last year, the enigmatic Mollusk.

Graduating from the University of Lethbridge with degrees in Fine Arts and Education, Davies is drawn to creating public art pieces that are boldly dramatic. His public art installations currently grace public spaces in his hometown of Lethbridge as well as White Rock, Thunder Bay, Red Deer and Medicine Hat.

Davies is also an educator, sharing his love of public art and the creative process through his teaching, and collaborative efforts with several schools. “ I encourage students to dream big, to think outside the box and to pursue their visions, always.”

With Saturn Bench, he explores the cosmos while remaining firmly of the earth and its elements. It is a dazzling piece of art; two flat steel rings encircling it bisect a shiny-mirrored sphere. His passion for design and architecture is strongly evident in this piece, one meant not only for viewing but for direct public interaction as well.

Saturn Bench is functional art and as such he looks forward to people sitting, relaxing and enjoying while participating in the sculpture experience.

Davies work is marvelous to view particularly while pondering his accompanying statement. The viewer is reflected in its mirrored surface, grounded and immediate, while thousands of light years away the heavens roil.

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