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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Rock Spirit

Year: 2019
Medium: stone
Price: $ 2,000
Dimensions: 1.5' x 1.29' x 1'


Jade Ehrler

Kootenay Bay, BC

Kootenay Bay artist Jade Ehrler comes by her talent honestly. Her grandfather painted primarily Western themes and her mother is recognized for her iconic native imagery in a variety of mediums. Artistic ally aware from a young age thanks to the abundant creativity within the family, Ehrler was introduced to sculpting by her partner, who had taken a brief introductory course taught by frequent Sculpturewalk entrant John McKinnon. “Even though the course was just for a few days she learned a lot, “said Ehrler.” He passed on some of the techniques to me. I finished my first sculpture while I was pregnant with our
first child. That was not too long ago, so I still consider myself a beginner.

“She might just be starting out Rock Spirit is her fourth piece, and first to be exhibited but the familial influences suggest she has found her medium. There are
other influences in the work she displays here as well. The Lakota believe there is a spirit in all the
components of the natural world and Ehrler channels this belief in her intriguing
stone piece. Rock Spirit is an impressive work that melds the original raw material
with a nuanced, detailed facial study. The face she has sculpted is female in form,
content and serene. Eyes blissfully closed, the beautifully realized heart shaped face contrasts starkly with the rough stone that frames it.

That contrast is enhanced and embellished by suggested curlicues of hair woven into the raw stone that surrounds Ehrler’s lovingly realized face. “There are many minerals within the stone I work with,” she notes. “One of the things I like is that this sculpture has a lot of imperfections in it for that very reason. It speaks to the notion of beauty being apparent because of imperfections, not in spite of them.
“Indeed, the strength of Ehrler’s lovely work is just that: roughness and refinement
coalescing effortlessly.

Rock Spirit showcases her talent and the beauty of the stone she works with, its contrasts fully and proudly on display.

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