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Kootenay Life Obelisk


Year: 2019
Medium: steel
Price: $ 4,500
Dimensions: 4' x 2' x 2'


Peter Vogelaar

Winlaw, BC

Mourning expresses Winlaw sculptor Peter Vogelaar’s dismay at the impact humans have on other species. His work this year is an indictment over the loss of thousands of animal and plant species. Invariably, more will disappear unless there is a sea change in human behaviour.

“I am trying to share my feelings of loss for all the species which are being driven to extinction by human actions. There are creatures all over the world we will never see again. Mother Earth raises her head in sorrow.”

It is a poignant and timely sculpture. A recent report from the United Nations (nearly 150 authors from 50 nations worked for three years to compile the data) says up to a million species of plants and animals may become extinct without dramatic change.

Mourning is a lament, and a powerful statement. Sheets of steel, rust-like patina with hints of blue decorating them, stand arrayed in a tight line. The upturned profile rises from the centre of the semi-abstracted metal that portrays no less than thirteen species recently extinct. Vogelaar’s sculpture addresses an issue that affects all of us.

He has been sculpting for over fifty years in a number of different mediums. He has worked in snow and sand in competitions and events worldwide, in addition to concrete, bronze, stone and steel.

His sculptures are in private and public collections across North America and beyond; recently a work displayed in Sioux Falls in 2016 was purchased for a personal collection.

This year’s entry is lovely – and lovingly composed. Mourning’s message will resonate with viewers as will the sculpture itself.

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