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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Iron Eagle with Salmon

Year: 2019
Medium: mild steel
Price: $20,000
Dimensions: 6' x 5' x 30"


Don Francis

Delta, BC

A welder and metalworker for many years, Delta sculptor Don Francis now applies those same skills to creating one of a kind, stunning art works.

Working primarily in stainless or mild steel and copper, Francis is entirely self- taught as a sculptor. He does utilize his talents as a nature photographer as a wellspring of ideas, some of which eventually see the light of day as lovingly crafted metal sculptures.

“I’ll take a picture for the sheer beauty of the image that is presented,” he says. “And occasionally, not all that often, that image lends itself to be recreated three dimensionally in metal. Those occurrences are special – when one medium leads to another. It is quite rewarding.”

His initial entry here at Castlegar Sculpturewalk is a testament to his talent and ability to move between his dual mediums. Iron Eagle with Salmon stands six feet high, a fine rendition of a bird of prey settling to its perch with dinner in claw.

Wings spread wide in landing, the muscularity of the eagle is realized in its powerful legs and razor sharp talons. One wraps around a bent pipe elbow, the other clutches the salmon effortlessly around the head. There is lovely detail found in the beak and head of the eagle – to say nothing of the wing and tail feathers – while the salmon is slightly less realized though still detailed.

Francis’ sculpture is reminiscent of other entries displayed in previous years in its subject matter. Nathan Scott’s The Landing from 2015, Soaring by Spring Shine in 2012, and Food Chain Eagle by Robert Tencate the previous year all come to mind. Each though is uniquely different, reflecting the artist’s interpretation and creative vision.

Iron Eagle with Salmon is visually appealing and beautifully sculpted. In mild steel Francis portrays the predator/prey relationship of nature at an instance of conclusion.

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