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Kootenay Life Obelisk


Year: 2019
Medium: bronze
Price: $ 26,037
Dimensions: 23" x 63" x 44"


Pati Stajcar

Golden, CO

After working in the aviation industry for a number of years Golden, Colorado sculptor Pati Stajcar decided it was time to retire from the stresses of her vocation. She began to dabble in various mediums, found encouraging instructors and a supportive artistic community as she learned. Quickly sculpting became a profession and second career.

“I had always sketched and painted,” says the Pennsylvania native, “but after taking a decorative wood carving class, I turned the corner to three-dimensional work.”

She works primarily in wood, bronze and stone, and is now an established, accomplished sculptor whose work is displayed across the United States and beyond.

A member of numerous organizations – the National Sculptor Society, the Academic Artist Association and the Society of Animal Artists, among others – Stajcar’s distinctive animal studies have won multiple awards in all three of the mediums she excels in. Basking was recognized as a Best of Show II winner at the 2018 Sioux Falls, South Dakota Sculpturewalk show.

A larger-than-life depiction of her pet red-eared slider turtle named Rabbit, Stajcar sculpted him at a mature, distinguished 31 years of age. It is slightly longer than the average life span for a red-eared slider, which is the most common turtle in the United States and a favourite as a pet.

They are identified by a dab of colour where their middle ear is, and are poikilotherms – meaning they are unable to regulate their body temperatures independently – completely dependent on the temperature of their environment. So Stajcar’s endearing pose, head craned upward, front arms and claws spread widely, is exact and essential to Rabbit’s well being.

Equally, she sculpts the detail of the carapace, splayed back legs and tail with great attentiveness to detail. As a whole, it is a lovely homage to a special friend. Basking reflects her love and fondness for her subject, as do so many animal studies she’s created over the years.

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