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A message from the Board of Directors

Amidst a global pandemic that’s fundamentally altered our ability to relate to each other through shared experiences, what brings communities together is our capacity for kindness and compassion. The resilience of our community artists is integral to this shared experience.


Art bridges community spirit and connection. The endearing power of art during the darkest of times has been celebrated in books and film, yet because of the transmission risks of this particular pandemic, performances, events, and exhibitions are closing across the world.


We’re very fortunate that Sculpturewalk is an outdoor-based program which isn’t tethered to large social gatherings, or reliant on ticket sales for revenue. Castlegar Sculpturewalk is uniquely positioned to provide a cultural expression that can bring us together while staying physically apart. We’re so grateful that we can play a role in meeting the communities’ need for celebration during these challenging times.

Our installation this year includes appropriate spacing of exhibits to allow engagement without breaching safe distancing, signage along the way reminds viewers to stay apart and allow others the same safe distance. We’ve adapted our brochure and ballot protocols, providing a smartphone format and the option for regional residents
to request a hardcopy brochure by mail. People’s Choice voting ballots will be mailed from the City of Castlegar direct to City residents.

Many years of hard work and success led to Castlegar’s international recognition as The Sculpture Capital of Canada™ … to maintain this legacy in our tenth year of operation at a time when community spirit is challenged in every corner of the world, speaks volumes about our organization’s continued support and community solidarity.

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