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Kootenay Life Obelisk

Leptoglossus (Colossus) Occidentalis

Year: 2020
Medium: recycled steel and copper
Price: $18,000
Dimensions: 4' x 5' x 7'


Kevin Kratz & Yvonne Munro

Krestova, BC

This talented artistic pair from the Slocan Valley return after a couple of years’ absence. Kevin Kratz has been working with metal for over 20 years, creating one of a kind sculptures and commissioned works, and winning several People’s Choice Awards. Partner Yvonne Munro’s appealing artwork, utilizing numerous mediums, is regularly on display across the region.

Nature dictates the duo’s subject matter – here it’s the familiar stinkbug. Their sculpture magnifies the harmless, albeit pungent, insect spectacularly. At four feet high, five feet wide and seven feet long, the finished work showcases this common household visitor in all its buggy splendour.

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