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Kootenay Life Obelisk


Year: 2019
Medium: mild steel with acrylic clear coat
Price: $ 12,500
Dimensions: 8'6" x 3' x 2'6"


Lawrence Cormier

Penticton, BC

For the first 40 years of his life, Lawrence Cormier was a man of the southern Saskatchewan prairies. He lived in Regina for many years but eventually decided it was time for a change. He and his wife Kena (herself a talented artist) ultimately settled in Penticton where they continue to live. They operate a gallery that showcases their collective output displayed both inside and out from their home.

It was here that Cormier began to explore the many facets of metal sculpture. Self taught, he has embraced the relative cool of metal to give form and life to his engrossing finished works. He first displayed at Sculpturewalk in 2017 with his warm, understated yet expressive sculpture Harold. An older gentleman
out for an unhurried, meditative bike ride, Harold highlighted his obvious talent, as did 2018’s Romeo a preening, larger than life rooster. Returning to the human form again this year, Cormier’s entry is, as always, full of small details and flourishes that add to the overall beauty of the finished work.

Lulu stands under an old fashioned street lamp smoking a cigarette. Her face shadowed beneath a floppy hat with two feathers, she wears a fringed off the shoulder top. Her limbs are long and limber; one leg is gartered beneath her flouncy dress, petticoats visible. Her hair is splayed over her shoulders in ribbons, she sports high, buttoned boots as she passes the late hours with her friends.

Two crows, one perched on her hat, the other on the lamppost, and a black cat at her feet. As Cormier’s nameplate suggests, times may be tough but Lulu always has her friends, and keeps up her appearance. It is a well composed, detailed sculpture that exudes life, captured as it is. Lulu is movingly impressive: statuesque, balanced and detailed in its sympathetic portrayal.

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