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Kootenay Life Obelisk

If it's not this then it must be that

Year: 2019
Medium: steel, glass, mirror, bronze
Price: $ 7,800
Dimensions: 4' x 2' x 20"



Winlaw, BC

Regular Sculpturewalk participant Rabi’a offers not one but two of her imaginative
works this year. Both will delight viewers without a doubt.

The Winlaw area sculptor is always prolific. She’s also cleverly adept at taking discarded/recycled materials and creating beauty from them. Her five acre property on the banks of the Slocan acts as an outdoor gallery that showcases her inventiveness and sculpting talent. With her partner Carl Schlichting, she won the Peoples Choice award in 2016 for Imagine The Stories. Both were active in the Hall Street renovation project in Nelson.

Rabi’a’s Dancing With Myself now stands proudly at the south end of the street. This year she offers up two alluring entries. If It’s Not This Then It Must Be That originates from an accident of sorts. “I found a piece of long unused glass that had broken in to interesting shapes,” she elaborates. “So I did a glass mosaic using them and, for me, one thing leads to another".

Now the mosaic is set in the centre of a scarlet red steel box, lined with mirror for an infinity effect. I incorporated a few of my small bronzes for interest and dimension. “It is a lovely amalgam of ideas and creativity. The mirror she incorporates on the top and sides enhances the red steel floor,lovely mosaic and small bronze of hers displaying three semi abstract figures.

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